flatex: Low Cost Broker for active traders

More and more Germans decide to trade in securities in order to hold or increase their capital. A wise decision! But which broker offers a good price?

The magazine “€uro am Sonntag” has determined and compared the prices of 10 major generalists on the basis of 5 sample customers. The result: There is no such thing as the perfect broker for everyone. The one broker supports above all savings planners, the other one offers good conditions for USA orders.

Flatex occupies two first places and offers active traders and direct traders the best prices: Thus the active trader pays with flatex 330 EUR per quarter — with the most expensive competitor it is over 230 EUR more. The saving potential opposite classical branch banks amounts to even 71%. Also the Direkttrader, which acts off-exchange, comes with flatex at its expense: Compared to the branch bank it saves whole 77% at fees.

“Each still so small cost block can reduce on a long-term basis the yield clearly” [1], summarizes €uro on Sunday the result. It is therefore worthwhile for investors to first decide on a strategy and then on the right online broker.

We thank you for the good placement!