flatex is test winner!

Investors can save up to 86 % costs What every trader is interested in is what amount he has left after deducting all costs, because that is his profit. The magazine “€uro am Sonntag” has therefore compared the prices and determined the broker with the cheapest fees.

The result: Three out of five investor types pay the least with flatex: Active traders, normal traders and investors can save enormous sums with flatex. The investor pays with flatex EUR 195.44 per quarter—and saves thereby up to 86% in the comparison with a conventional bank. 82% savings potential offers flatex to the normal trader—he pays only EUR 50,60 per quarter. Active traders pay EUR 350.30 per quarter, which is 70% less than at a branch bank.

“Three times gold, once bronze and a fourth place. The broker has thus successfully secured his victory.”[1], “€uro am Sonntag” is pleased. Thank you very much!