Highest recommendation 2020

A good tip from friends is worth its weight in gold, no matter whether it is about craftsmen, restaurants — or even a bank. After all, we don't entrust our money to just anybody. We expect a good offer, a reasonable price and competent service from the bank of our trust. It is helpful to be able to fall back on personal experiences in the circle of acquaintances. As different as the experiences of the tipsters are — some banks are mentioned more often than others and are always recommended.

The magazine Focus-Money and the Cologne-based consulting and analysis institute ServiceValue wanted to know which companies these are and evaluated a survey with 500,000 customer opinions on 1,300 providers:

Flatex received the grade 16.6 and thus the award HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION 2020 in the category direct banks.

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and are pleased about the good marks!