flatex is test winner!

flatex enables investors to “easily save four-digit sums”

A secure pension plan or a silent reserve for hard times makes investors sleep better. Traditional capital investments, such as the good old savings book, however, have not been able to accomplish this in a long time. Securities trading is a real alternative here. By switching to an affordable online broker, investors can realise big savings.

Yet, here as well, costs are incurred quickly, which can eat up a substantial part of the assets, e.g. for securities accounts and orders. It is therefore worthwhile to regularly compare the prices and maintain the securities account at an affordable online broker.

But which online broker offers provides you with a truly affordable securities account? To find this out, the magazine “€uro am Sonntag” compared the costs of 19 online brokers based on five different sample customers:

The active trader
average securities account volume, many orders, different products

The normal trader
average securities account volume, few orders, primarily German stocks and funds savings plans

The savings plan customer
low securities account volume, few orders, pays into savings plans

The direct trader
lower securities account volume, many orders, trades exclusively OTC

The investor
high securities account volume, few orders for very high sums
The result shows: flatex is the most affordable broker for four of the five sample customers. The active trader, the normal trader, the savings plan customer and the direct trader are in the best of hands at the universal broker flatex. Accordingly, the active trader saves a total of €2740 per year at flatex compared to the prices of branch banks. The savings plan customer even pays just €23 for his strategy per quarter at flatex, which would already be €41 at the most expensive broker.

For the normal and direct traders, too, flatex is the top choice: The customer mentioned first would merely pay €56 and the customer mentioned second just €110 per quarter. “By choosing the right custodian bank, you can easily save four-digit sums per year,” [1]“€uro am Sonntag” is happy to say. At flatex, the securities account is free of charge and the flat order fees of €5 or €5.90 are low. Thus, flatex gets “four times gold and one time silver. The overall win could not be taken from the broker accordingly.” [2] We appreciate this!