Direct banks with flat fees are the best choice for investors

Pay less, save more! Many people cannot and do not want to afford an expensive securities account any more. But where to change to? Even for well-informed investors, it is often difficult to keep track in the jungle of providers: The offers are too different and often the fees are hidden where the customer does not see them immediately.

Stiftung Warentest has therefore compared the commissions of 34 branch and direct banks and is launching three model depots for different types of investors: The normal trader with a medium-sized portfolio who actively trades securities and funds, the investor with a large portfolio and few orders, and the ETF saver with a small portfolio and only one order per year.
The result: the spread between the cheapest online broker and the most expensive branch bank is huge! Thus the investor with middle depot with flatex pays 100 euro per year―with the most expensive offerer more than eight times becomes due. Also the depot fees hold themselves with the branch banks stubbornly: The most expensive bank can be paid alone for the administration of the depot 375 euro in the year.

Investors are best served by a direct bank with fixed prices. “We consider this to be the most customer-friendly price option, as it is very transparent. With high investment sums it is unbeatably favorable.” [1], judges Stiftung Warentest. The low flat fees at flatex can therefore quickly convince the financial testers: “The discount broker flatex is extremely inexpensive.” [2] “If you want to buy and sell ETF or securities regularly, investors are in good hands here.” [3]

The advice of Stiftung Warentest: The change to a favorable offerer is worthwhile itself, because investors can save here several hundred euro in the year. New customers in particular often benefit from special offers. We can only agree with this and are pleased about the good rating.