Elected Broker of the Year 2018

Funds & Certificates Broker 2018 — flatex takes very good 2nd place

More than 33.000 traders voted for their favourite broker and openly said what they expected from a good broker offer, namely: low order fees (83.7%), free custody account management (70.7%) and a large trading offer (49.4%). Most investors were interested in equities as well as funds & ETFs.

flatex therefore convinces its customers above all with low flat-rate order fees. Investors at flatex always pay only € 5.90 per trade, regardless of the order volume. flatex is also ahead when it comes to custody account costs. As with many other online brokers, custody account management is free of charge. Here, the classic house banks are in urgent need of catching up.

flatex is also very much in line with customers' wishes when it comes to its offering: As a generalist among brokers, flatex not only offers a broad selection of products, but also provides its customers with one of the largest fund and certificate offerings.

We thank you for the very good reviews of our customers and look forward to a solid 2nd place.