One Team

Challenges are best mastered in a team, especially in such a dynamic market environment. Together, we want to continue to grow and ensure the future success of our company.
We attach great importance to team spirit. Accordingly, we have designed our working methods and environments: modern, flexible, interdisciplinary, with flat hierarchies and plenty of opportunity for exchange.


We have a simple principle: we want our teams to be as colorful and diverse as possible. After all, diversity always leads to the same result. The best. As a company, we therefore consistently counteract any kind of reservation. Every day we strive to become more open and let performance speak for itself. We cultivate a corporate culture in which everyone is valued with their individual abilities and facets.

When it comes to diversity, many people think of special issues. However, diversity has far more dimensions: Diversity also means diversity in age, origin, ethnicity, religion or skin color, cultural imprint, mental and physical abilities or sexual identity. Diversity can be visible, but it can also be expressed in intellectual differences. We are actively committed to more openness and diversity and always keep the personality of the employee as a central dimension in mind.

In areas in which we have not yet reached 100% of the high standards we set ourselves in terms of diversity, we meet structural challenges with active solutions. The results of our efforts can be seen in the involvement of female managers in leading positions: our operational finance, our securities settlement and our HR team have been led by female managers for many years.

Our benefits

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