Financial Education

True stories of investing

In this documentary, professors, journalists and investors challenge some of the most common misconceptions about investing by looking at real investment stories. And in the process, they offer some basic insights that every investor should know.

Episode 1.
Active vs Passive

Active versus passive investment. While one is based on speculation, lots of knowledge and the desire to beat the market, the other is based on the long-term and slow and steady growth; and is truly accessible to all. And as Warren Buffett's bet shows, passive investing can be just as successful.

Episode 2.

Many people associate investing with high risk as a matter of course. And it is true- investing does involve risk. However, as an investor, you can influence risk to some extent by making a good plan and spreading risk across sectors, regions and time.

Episode 3.
Crises and bubbles

Investing is all about knowing when to buy and sell stocks, right? And correctly predicting bubbles and crises. This is what people often think of when it comes to investing. But when it comes to long-term investing, time in the market is often more important than timing the market. The trick is to avoid falling prey to the psychology of your own brain.

Episode 4.
Impact investment

Investing is all about making money, right? That’s what commonly comes to mind when it comes to investing. But, what if we told you that investing can also be about making a positive impact on the world if you invest in what you believe in?

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