One Team

Challenges are best mastered in a team, especially in such a dynamic market environment. Together, we want to continue to grow and ensure the future success of our company.
We attach great importance to team spirit. Accordingly, we have designed our working methods and environments: modern, flexible, interdisciplinary, with flat hierarchies and plenty of opportunity for exchange.

The long-term entrepreneurial success of flatexDEGIRO is largely based on the competence, commitment and flexibility of our employees. Interdisciplinary teams drive their ideas forward and develop new, networked solutions for our customers. Together, we take advantage of opportunities offered by the dynamic environment and help shape the future within the framework of our innovative business model.


We have a simple principle: we want our teams to be as colorful and diverse as possible. After all, diversity always leads to the same result. The best. As a company, we therefore consistently counteract any kind of reservation. Every day we strive to become more open and let performance speak for itself. We cultivate a corporate culture in which everyone is valued with their individual abilities and facets.

When it comes to diversity, many people think of special issues. However, diversity has far more dimensions: Diversity also means diversity in age, origin, ethnicity, religion or skin color, cultural imprint, mental and physical abilities or sexual identity. Diversity can be visible, but it can also be expressed in intellectual differences. We are actively committed to more openness and diversity and always keep the personality of the employee as a central dimension in mind.

In areas in which we have not yet reached 100% of the high standards we set ourselves in terms of diversity, we meet structural challenges with active solutions. The results of our efforts can be seen in the involvement of female managers in leading positions: our operational finance, our securities settlement and our HR team have been led by female managers for many years.

flatexDEGIRO takes the issue of difference in gender pay seriously. We strive to ensure that gender plays no role in the compensation of employees. We regularly audit differences in gender pay, and where gaps are identified, take steps to narrow such gaps. The goal is to ultimately eliminate gaps in gender pay in the future for employees of similar qualification, experience, and responsibilities. For 2021, the global mean (average) raw pay for female employees was 84 cents for every Euro earned by their male counterparts. In the same year, the global median raw pay for females was 85 cents for every Euro received by their male counterparts.

Talent development

Innovation springs from new thinking. That is why we attach great importance to supporting young talents in the course of their training or studies and working together on interesting projects. Since 2015, we have been cooperating with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and sponsoring the first dual FinTech bachelor's degree called "Digital Business". The aim is to provide practical training that reconciles the different requirements of IT and financial services. We also maintain close cooperation in the IT area with Krefeld University of Applied Sciences.

Development and training

Lifelong learning is a basic prerequisite for sustainable market leadership in financial technology. It is our aspiration to create an environment at flatexDEGIRO in which all employees can develop and give their best in the long term. With an average of well over 100+ continuing education offerings per year, we cover a broad range of topics – from group coaching, subject-related continuing education events to in-service studies.

Health and work-life balance

It is in line with our self-image to promote the health of our employees and to support the work-life balance.

A modern, ergonomically designed working environment is a matter of course at flatexDEGIRO.

Flexible working time models have been part of our standard offer for years. In addition to flexible working hours, the possibility of sabbaticals, partial retirement and partner months, we particularly encourage parents to return to work through various part-time models and – under certain conditions – the assumption of childcare costs.

Employee retention

Retaining employees in our dynamic and knowledge-based environment is a key factor in securing our long-term success. Open communication, flat hierarchies and wide-ranging opportunities to shape the company create attractive conditions for involving employees in our success story.

The above-average length of service of our employees – for a company as young and fast-growing as flatexDEGIRO – is clear evidence of the success of our corporate culture.

Our benefits

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